Prototype Politics

Prototype Politics

Playing games is an activity (and a mode of social interaction) in which social rules are reflected, taught and repeated. I have built a tree-sided version of table football, because I want to challenge some of these rules that we take for granted.

The idea behind Prototype (Politics) is simple: the intention is to subvert a popular game by changing its parameters, in this case table football, so that its players have to renegotiate the rules behind the game. In consequence they'd also have to reconsider the rules behind society: for example competition, teamwork or politics in general.

Table football is a popular game and almost everybody knows it. However, here the original rules do not apply. As a result, players have to discuss among each other and come up with new rules and their own way to play the game. For example they have to decide if two players are allowed to form an alliance against a third player. What is considered foul play and how to punish it? How to count goals? Can a single player win the game - and if yes, when is the game won?


May - June 2023, Salon Mondial (CH)

Prototype Politics at Salon Mondial, Basel

Curated by Alice Wilke

An exhibition by Daniel Vollmond & Lynne Kouassi

Salon Mondial
Freilagerplatz 9, 1.OG
4142 Münchenstein, Basel


May 2022, Spoiler Zone Berlin (DE)

Curated by Mara Micchie & Mercuzio Peron

Participating Artists:

Carla Bregas & M. Takara, Simon Berz, Oh Boy, Marco Proserpio, Lynne Kouassi, Daniel Vollmond, Luca Harlacher, Julie Folly, Beautysalon AYAYAY, Kae Neskovic, Slon, IOKOI + Klara Ravat, Davide Serpetti, XIII, Selezione Naturale, Gustave Didelot, GOfD Soundsystem, INK! -OUS, TimothyfromO, Density Around Void, Orlando Food Berlin, Kids-Klang

Spoiler Zone
Quitzowstr. 108a
10551 Berlin-Moabit

Prototype (Politics)

Supported by: E-WERK Freiburg, Atelier Mondial, Neustart Kultur

#Interaction and Discussion:

Work that is labeld 'Interaction and Discussion' demands reaction and participation. All work in this category appears in the process of 'making itself' through its interaction with the viewer. In turn it forces the participant to reconsider his/her own position toward rules and belief systems that shape politics and contemporary society.

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