Prototype (Politics)

Prototype (Politics)

Playing games is an activity (and a mode of social interaction) in which social rules are reflected, taught and repeated.

The idea behind Prototype (Politics) is simple: my intention was to subvert a popular game by changing its parameters, in this case table football, so that its players have to renegotiate the rules behind the game. In consequence they'd also have to reconsider the rules behind society: for example competition, teamwork or politics in general.

Everybody knows table football. In this context however, the original rules do not apply as usual, which means that players have to discuss among each other and come up with their own rules for the game. For example, when does a player win the game? Are two players allowed to form an alliance against a third player? When does a player cheat and how to punish foul play?


May 2022, Spoiler Zone Berlin

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