Only you should be in control!

Only you should be in control!

"When I lived in London I was fascinated by flyers of African Healers and the solutions to problems they promised to solve with their magic. I collected them.

Online I discovered another type of promise - this time it relates to technology, a form of digital magic. On their website term7 published a flyer that can be printed out by anyone to advertise their digital services:


I printed and reproduced this flyer."

Basel, April 2023

How serious on the one hand and how questionable on the other are all these offers? What can be said about the identity of the authors of all these flyers? Is anything truly free, sincere and genuine? And who is in control when you ask someone for help with a problem you have?


May - June 2023, Salon Mondial (CH)

Only you should be in control!

4 found flyers in museum frames, reproduction of a flyer (to take away)

Curated by Alice Wilke

An exhibition by Daniel Vollmond & Lynne Kouassi

Salon Mondial
Freilagerplatz 9, 1.OG
4142 Münchenstein, Basel

#Digital Magic:

'Digital Magic' is not necessarily associated with Augmented Reality, 3D-Renderings and Visual Effects. You might not even notice that I use digital elements in the works that I tag as 'Digital Magic'. To me 'Digital Magic' happens when my work either makes use of technology to build community, when it exploits inherent flaws and glitches in digital systems or if it provides tools that empower people to defend themselves against Surveillance Capitalism.

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